Pillar 2

Change the retail game with tech



We are the 3rd-largest home improvement group in the world, helping more than 500 millions customers a year.

We aim to pursue our mission to serve every inhabitant across the globe, by operating a global digital transformation that will enable our companies to remain or become as powerful online as they are locally.

Since 2017, we have been committed to transforming ADEO into a global digital company and enabling the group to embrace a unique model: the worldwide platform for home improvement.

Over the past 5 years we developed innovative new concepts that meaningfully transformed the way we do retail. Our digital transformation is built on 5 key drivers: User Experience first, Open Agile product, Modular Architecture, ADEO as inner platform, Pragmatic Business Partner.

Join us, and help us go beyond the omnichannel model and build our own platform ecosystem!

How do we do this?

Our Group figures in Top 50 World Leading Retailers with €31 billion in revenues and is in 3rd position as worldwide home improvement leader right behind US giants Home Depot and Lowe’s. *source: Deloitte, Global Powers of Retailing in 2022

Leroy Merlin kept on innovating for an exceptional customer service for years: self-service in the 60’s, “no parking, no business” concept development in the 80’s, take-away goods, hotlines and loyalty cards in the 90’s, omnichannel model in the 2010’s, 1st marketplace in 2020, 7 marketplaces in 2023.

In the 2020’s, we continued our evolution with the platform model, which demands an agile organization and a strong connection to our ecosystem.



We provide the stability of a century-old group combined with the agility and mindset of an entrepreneur.

For 100 years, we successfully adapted our brands to the many moves and evolutions in the home improvement market.

Today, we are using modern working methods (including lean management, XP, MVP, observability, feedback…) to build a digital ecosystem that will enable us to meet the expectations of future customers.

How do we do this?

“Our objective at ADEO, is to offer a full experience. (…). In the retail transformation, there’s for sure the digital. The main strength of our Common Digital Platform digitalisation is to influence and create new consumption methods in do it yourself then accelerate the way we use digital and technology in retail.”

- Giovanni Clément for Le Monde Informatique, March 2021.

“ADEO uses data to build the smart supply chain of tomorrow! ”

- Laurent Ostiz for CGI, January 2020.

Positive Tech: see our other pillars


Make ADEO a positive place to work

Join a global, well-established, independent Group with strong “human-first” values devoted to making home a positive place to live.


Tech it to the next level

Be empowered to build scalable, tailor-made and agile digital products that will be used in house or as-a-service.


Keep learning, keep growing

Benefit from our strong learning path to grow new skills, prepare your future with technological changes while taking on worldwide missions and responsibilities.

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