Pillar 1

Make ADEO a positive place to work


We help people make their homes

ADEO is a family, and we care about one of the most important things that exists in the lives of every human being:
Their home.

For more than a century, our mission has been to offer our customers a positive and sustainable home. All our 160,000 leaders across every ADEO company are engaged in supporting this core mission.

As a digital expert, you will take part in building the worldwide digital platform that will enable ADEO to achieve its digital transformation and pursue its mission to serve and support every inhabitant across the globe into its home improvement project.

How do we do this?

Our Vision initiative was launched in 1995 and continues today to include collaborators in our efforts to design Leroy Merlin forward-looking strategy.

ADEO is rated 4.2 rating on Glassdoor. Several brands belonging to the ADEO Group have been certified as a “Great Place to Work”.

For the first time ever in 2022, ADEO Group figured on Forbes’ “World’s best place to work” annual ranking.


You may not know ADEO but you know our brands

ADEO brands are recognized by people all over the world: Leroy Merlin, Bricoman, Kbane, Obramat, Tecnomat, Weldom, Naterial…

You’ll be joining both a multi-channel brand and a global group that contributes to building positive housing day-to-day thanks to IT systems that are efficient, innovative and in continuous improvement.

How do we do this?

Leroy Merlin has been elected as one of the 3 favorite brands in France in 2023 (1st in 2022)

1000 points of sale, 7 marketplaces in 23 countries

Every year, ADEO companies serve more than 500 million customers, through all our sales channels. *Source: ADEO


We care about each other

Our values come from our family organization: we play together, we trust each other and we rely on the collective. Joining ADEO means being part of a global community serving society at its largest.

Every digital collaborator can have a direct impact on their coworkers and on our users.

As the mirror of our customers and users’ feelings and opinions, we take everyone’s feedback as a gift to improve ourselves and the company.

Questioning products, challenging the system architecture, pushing back on code, working in a test & learn process… that’s how we move forward together, as one team, no matter what business unit you belong to.

How do we do this?

“There is something about the way of dealing with humans, which is a real particularity. Indeed, when you work for digital projects here, you will see it come true for real! You see people operate your tools on a local scale. There’s no doubt about the possibility of having an impact or not.”

- Digital Collaborator.

Our collaborators have the opportunity to offer paid leave days to colleagues suffering from
long illnesses.

For 40 years, every ADEO collaborator have had the opportunity to become a shareholder of the company and benefit from profit-sharing programs.

Ensure a strong digital community across the world is essential. Sharing information, experience, data, code or knowledge all along the way is key for both ADEO and our teams.
We set up the meeting points for our communities: Events like the Digital Data Tech Summit and Global Platform Week, social medias like Medium, or technological platforms like Jira and Github (Dev, archi, scrum), Mozaic Design System (UX/UI, Product) and more.


We’re a global organization

We are a worldwide organization established in 23 countries. Each and every one of our 160,000 colleagues shares our corporate vision.

Our overall know-how is enriched by all the places we are implemented in, and this continuous improvement inspires and empowered our group. Remaining close and accessible to our customers, no matter their location, habits or needs.

Wherever you are across the globe, you will contribute to our global mission to offer people a positive place to live, building tailor-made digital solutions to support our companies in meeting their customers’ needs and supporting them in their projects.

How do we do this?

“I often go to visit the stores in Spain, Italy, or France. When you go on field, you really feel and understand the “family” value. It is the most important place, because it’s where you are closest to the customer.”

- Digital collaborator.

“I have been working in Brazil and saw the impact of positive housing development. I witnessed what is done by every store in their neighborhoods, including and especially in favelas.”

- Digital leader.

Positive Tech: see our other pillars


Change the retail game with tech

Contribute to create a global digital platform that will invent new ways of meeting the needs of our customers, both in-store and online.


Tech it to the next level

Be empowered to build scalable, tailor-made and agile digital products that will be used in house or as-a-service.


Keep learning, keep growing

Benefit from our strong learning path to grow new skills, prepare your future with technological changes while taking on worldwide missions and responsibilities.

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